Planting in October gives the clove the whole rainy season to grow a handsome set of roots, so it will be ready to leap into action in spring and be able to tolerate dry spells better – all of which makes it more likely to eventually develop a fine fat head, which, in the case of garlic – unlike humans - is a good thing.

Higher Causes: Kites4Causes and NEED2

Among Victoria’s most iconic sights is Clover Point Park with the Olympic Mountains across the sea and kites soaring overhead. Since June, we’ve been treated to a feast: Dare-devil stunt kites, Teddy bears floating beside clown fish; Luigi and Mario, beside Pokémon Pikachu

A lively discussion regarding a development and the demolition of yet another quality home was the focus at the regular monthly meeting of the James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) on September 11, 2019.

All Are Welcome: James Bay’s Joyful Choirs

After moving to James Bay from New York City in 2017, I yearned to sing with others. Until my final year at university, I’d performed in school choirs throughout my communities. Then a demanding career intervened. So, the day after my James Bay hygienist enthused over the Gettin’ Higher Choir, I became a member and haven’t stopped singing.