Objects that shout “James Bay!”

Jane Urquhart’s book A Number of Things (Harper Collins, 2016), contains fifty objects of interest to Urquhart through which she tells a story of Canada. As I read this book with its unusual response to the past, I wondered which fifty objects would tell the story of James Bay.

The ongoing attempt by various business interests to roll back Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax reforms for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC) continues. Morneau has indicated that he may make some changes, but nothing is expected until the next federal budget. Tax policy in such flux is good for no one and doesn’t help those tying to plan. Which leads me to this month’s topic: Year End Tax Planning.

A paddle boarder came into view about 100 meters off the end of the point. He had the wind at his back and was heading across Ross Bay in the direction of Gonzales. We had seen people go by on paddle boards before when the weather was warm and the water flat calm, but never in the fall during a storm. There was something wrong with this picture. It was a bit like seeing someone riding a bicycle through the air.

Haircuts and Human Pieces

On the bus to my haircut appointment, I sat beside a woman wearing sandals, and counted the toes on her right foot. Five. Usually humans wear four toes. And one thumb-toe named big toe. A tiny silver ring curled around the fifth toe.

Fundraising, with help from the Consignment Store

Across James Bay, dozens of non-profit organizations raise funds every day. We've all been invited to craft sales, silent auctions, lunches and dinners. Requests come to us in the mail or online. How many different ways are there to fund money for a good cause? Turns out, there's always one more, as I discovered recently.

Where Eagles Dare to Fly

Victoria has some of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit, either on foot, by bicycle, bus or car. I have enjoyed many of these places, but journeying just a few miles north is one of the most exhilarating sights imaginable. And if one can brave the difficulties caused by construction, a trip up the Malahat is rewarding.

Pendray Inn & Tea House

In the early 1890s William Pendray purchased the land on which the large house sits. After acquiring the land he and his wife Amelia made a complete tour of the cities of the coast north from San Francisco to get ideas on the comforts of a home. By 1896 the plans had been finalized, and construction began.


William L. Seavey, an American whose ancestors landed in New England in 1632, likes Canada. He’s spent a lot of time in James Bay—maybe that’s why he likes Canada so much!

Community Based Wellness

To our neighbours in James Bay - Do you ever visit one of the many wellness practitioners at the Co-op Health Centre in the James Bay Community Project building? Or have taken your child to the psychologist Kelly for an assessment?

Death by Chocolate

James Alfred Wight would have turned 101 on October 3 of this year. The British veterinary surgeon and writer, better known as James Herriot, shaped an entire generation of his profession and has inspired generations to come.