We know where to volunteer—opportunities abound. And why—fun and fulfillment, etc. And even how. But who? Who are the individuals themselves, the pearls in our society who give of themselves—their experience, their talent, their time—to add lustre to someone else’s day?

One hundred pairs of socks—that’s the number Our Place gives to people every day. Socks are easy to count. Feet are not only easier to heal but also easier to count than are the broken spirits and hearts whose feet wear the socks.

Canadians, women especially, have the world’s highest rates of MS and some think it is increasing. New cases are not increasing but as people with MS are living longer, the proportion of people with MS is, indeed, increasing.

JBNA: Climate Change

Geologist Thomas Gallagher made a presentation titled The Evolving Science of Climate Change to the James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) on March 13, 2019. Mr. Gallagher, who has recently completed four years on the Board of Oceans Network Canada, described his presentation as controversial.

Caren, her brothers, and her mom happily welcomed their father and husband back into the family fold. Their father had talked vaguely of rudimentary equipment being gathered in order to deal with possible disastrous events such as keeping a big house warm in case of a power outage.