“Autumn is a second spring…

All gardeners, new and old, get excited in spring, running about buying plants and sowing seeds. But experienced Victoria gardeners get just as bouncy in the fall, knowing it’s a wonderful time to plant all sorts of delightful things.

I don’t do “spring cleaning”. I don’t have the energy or will power to tackle everything all at once, certainly not just because it’s the season. When I feel energetic (or curious about what’s lurking beneath), I tackle a specific job. Today, it was “the kitchen drawer.”

Come and See

Over the past several weeks a drab concrete ramp wall has been transformed into a colourful and whimsical link between Fishermans Wharf and Fishermans Wharf Park.

There's been a lot of talk recently about tariffs and unfair trade relations, much of it not making a whole lot of sense. But I'm not talking here about the big picture sort of commercial affairs, which I and most folks have nothing to do with. I'm concerned with the real trade wars going on all the time that all of us engage in. I mean the frustrating struggle and travail that is everyday shopping. And the travail only gets bigger when it involves shifting gears from one national style of shopping to another.