I've noted before how a big element of our adjustment to our new life in James Bay involves the differences in climate between Victoria and San Diego. Famous as Victoria is for its mild winters, San Diego weather is generally touted as among the most even-keeled and tolerable climates in the world. That is, until recently.

On September 11, B.C. Finance Minister Carole James delivered a ‘Budget Update’. Much of what was in this update had already been announced: increases in Income Assistance and Disability Benefits of $100 per month, elimination of bridge tolls in Vancouver area, and, reduction in Medical Service Plan premiums.

Meet Maria

Did you eat today? Of course you did! Any idea where your food came from? Well, I can pretty much guarantee that at least one farmer was involved in your daily nourishment.

Win/Win Window

Norma McColl wasn’t looking for an octogenarian occupation. She was just waving at people passing by the Glensheil Retirement Residences, her Douglas Street home.

Thunderbird Park

It is dark under the huge trees. In this dark I feel spirits, remnants of an ancient past and the people who lived on this land for a long, long time, until we came. They are still here but we have shunted them aside, they were in our way. People who lived, loved, and made war on each other, just as we did, as we do.

As reported in an earlier Beacon, the Niagara Grocery, a favourite in James Bay since 1908, is no more. Instead, we have a totally new Niagara Market, with a new marketing concept, and with new owners, Seamus McKeating and Jennifer Gunter.