Turn on the news or read the papers of 2017 and you would be forgiven for thinking that we were all actors in an end-of-the-world movie, for we were constantly bombarded with media reports of corrupt governments, fraudulent business practices, religious fanatics, terror attacks, climate change, environmental destruction, threats of nuclear war, racist attacks, and sexual harassment

JBCP Library Story

With the new branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library opening soon in the new Capital Park project on Menzies between Superior and Michigan, the community library housed in the James Bay Community Project will be winding down in the next while.

Here is reminiscence by a former James Bay resident who was invited to tea by Emily Carr. The story takes place in 1925 when the author, Cyril Chave, was 12 and living at 235 Government Street with his parents and younger sister. Carr was living a block away at “Hill House” on Simcoe Street.

There are brown squirrels, black squirrels, and grey squirrels in this area. I call all of them Alfred. Physically, they live one level higher than we humans. The telephone wires are their highways, the trees their resting places, the acorns are harvested for eating, and the Park is there, to hide their treasures. Occasionally they need to go across the road to where they have hidden their food.