38th Annual Dickens Fair

Whether you’re dashing through the snow or up on a rooftop, or simply scrambling to find that perfect holiday gift, the 38 Annual Dickens Fair is the place to be for all of your holiday needs! On Saturday December 1, from 10 am – 4:30 pm, the James Bay Community School Centre opens its doors to one of Victoria’s oldest and best-attended Holiday Craft Fairs.

The Med, the Dead and the Red

The tiny Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is surrounded by troubled lands: Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The Sea of Galilee nestles at its northern tip. The port city of Aqaba sits on its southern on the Gulf of Aqaba, the right northern prong of the Red Sea.

Our Wonderful James Bay Community Market

I have been deeply struck by just how nourishing our James Bay Market community is, and how spending my Saturdays here as a vendor has felt like a weekly visit with family, and just how much I’m going to miss this weekly joy over the winter months.

Trees, Force Mains and Bicycle Paths

Many of us are worried about the fate of the horse chestnut tree (#56) at the intersection of Dallas and Government Streets near Harrison Pond. The installation of a bicycle path that will move people from one destination to another and a forcemain pipe that will move waste water from James Bay to Clover Point, will result in the removal of certain trees, but the City, the CRD and the arborists they have contracted—Talbot Mackenzie & Associates—have taken the time to identify 104 trees along the forcemain/bicycle path so that the best decisions can be made with a smallest impact to the environment.

The Calls to Action created by the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg comments on what is needed in order for us to share our history and create a clear and honest heritage, thereby contributing to understanding and respect for each other.