The Many Faces of Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas is a tough guy to pin down to one idea. I’m supposed to be writing a book review of his novel A Dead Artist Can Make a Good Living, but after I talked to him last week, and tried to stick to the topic, I realized it was impossible—at least for me—so instead, I’m going to write about the many iterations of Rick’s life and the one unifying thread that’s a part of each of the dominant characteristic that permeate all he does.

The Dickens Fair – A James Bay Tradition

Since the 1970s the Dickens Fair has brought you a holiday shopping experience showcasing a diverse group of vendors and a wide array of quality products. The variety of new products, the quality of workmanship, and the care that goes into their creations are sure to impress the most discerning of shoppers.

Living closer to urban sprawl than nature reminds me of how lucky I was growing up. My childhood home was located on a small island. During summer nights the sound of the frogs would form a soothing blanket of rhythmic sound, filling the black sky.

The Victoria Health Co-op offers several ways for our member-owners and the wider community to make a contribution to their own health and to the wellness of the community - all while reducing the taxes they must pay next Spring. But first, here are some updates about our work.

Shingles is a virus called herpes zoster; it is the same virus that causes chickenpox. Over 90% of adults in Canada have been exposed to the chickenpox virus. As you age, the immune system weakens and the chickenpox virus can reactivate and become shingles. Shingles can result in a painful, blistering rash that can sometimes lead to long lasting nerve pain.

The most common question at this fall’s plant swap was “Will this survive winter on my balcony?” So, since you asked, here’s how to help a potted plant live to see the spring.

Karate School at James Bay Community School

While Karate isn’t a team sport, it is a team-building pursuit. While I watched the seven students gather in the customary circle that begins the class, I realized that this was a far different world from the one I had experienced such a long and impressionable time ago.