Berry With Us

If you’ve dipped into this column from time to time, you may recall various rather vague mentions of someday, maybe, making a James Bay berry patch, where those so inclined could go pick fresh fruit. It’s just moved a step closer to becoming a real place, so it seems like time for an update.

Celebrating its twenty-fifth year of existence, the British Columbia Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) has planned a number of events that will appeal to many this February as we pause to reflect on the nature of diversity and its ability to be the difference that makes a difference in our lives.

Trees. We know that they are beautiful. We know that they are important. We know they are long-lived. But are they social, neighbourly, considerate of the young, and helpful to others?

I was awoken this morning by the CRA lawsuit threat scam phone call. The caller told me that if I did not buy a pre-paid VISA card for $5,000 and call them back with the number and PIN, I would be going to jail! Being a tax professional, I informed the individual of the criminal nature of his request.

Whether the task is simply to arrange chairs in an auditorium, selling tombola tickets from a booth at a charity function, or braving heaving seas at night in a small craft to rescue weary soldiers on a foreign shore, the cry for volunteers is hopeful, expectant that there will be a raising of hands.

Canadian Flag Day

We celebrate Canadian Flag Day on February 15 each year, but I imagine most of us do not think too much about it. You may wonder why we celebrate the flag on February 15 – it is because that was the day the flag was first officially flown.