Just a minute ago I saw a sparrow with a feather in its beak, no doubt building a nest or busting one up that his mate is sitting in, waiting for eggs to arrive or fussing over a bunch of chicks.

It’s Plant Swap Time

If you’ve been to a swap before, you know it’s a great place to pick up pesticide-free plants that your neighbours have already tested in our cool and breezy James Bay climate, as well as lots of good local growing advice.

In a previous column I suggested volunteers were analogous to pearls, individuals enhancing lives other than their own. Carrying that idea forward, suppose a man’s aptitudes and choices in his lifetime to be the transformative ‘oyster-like’ process to a meaningful career.

Poem: The COOL Cat

Nothing can ignore you like a cat
            you can coax with sweet persistence
He’ll just stare into the distance
            he has shut you out and that is that.

Cool Aid Treats

Sometimes bad luck intervenes. Sometimes structural barriers get in the way. Sometimes one bad decision precipitates another, and before you know it, a roof over your head becomes a near impossibility.

Over the next decade and beyond, we must grow the use of clean and renewable energy in how we get around, heat our homes, and fuel our industry – making things better and more affordable for people.