The price of trust

Several months ago, there appeared a series of letters in the James Bay Beacon following the locking of the doors to the toilets inside the mall premises. This, necessitated by numerous acts of vandalism and various unsanitary behaviours. Now, we have another pattern of services-abuse, also inside the mall. This, I am told, requiring the doorway to and from Thrifty’s store inside the premises, to be locked: access to Thrifty’s from inside the mall is therefore denied.

On enquiring, I was told that some customers, having shopped, then by-pass the front check-outs, exiting the store by way of the (unchecked) inside mall doorway, with goods not paid for.

Practically, there are several methods by which this latest form of abuse could be dealt with. For example, there could be a mall-opening doorway giving one-way passage or a check-out station could be added to the rearmost doorway. The door closure inconveniences some customers, while the renovations would add expense for the store. What do you think?

Whatever the eventual solution, it is yet another saddening example of the devious dishonesty of some shoppers. The higher animal? Pity the others, eh ---.

Stephen Lamb

Loud creaking noise from                    Ogden Point

Back in October 2016, we purchased a home on Montreal Street near the Ogden Point Harbour. After moving in we have noticed a constant loud creaking noise that at times goes all night / all day long. The noise is so loud that even with our windows shut it is still impossible to sleep. After investigating where the noise was coming from, I discovered that it is emanating from one of the Ogden Point Harbour’s light towers. There is definitely something loose on the tower which causes it to creak during any sort of wind.

Once I discovered the source of the noise I began contacting the maintenance department at the harbour to request that they rectify the issue. I have spoken with them numerous times. I even went out onto their property to show them exactly which light tower was the source of the noise. After I received numerous excuses as to why it hadn’t been resolved, I contacted the director of properties to try to escalate the importance of the issue. (Originally my call was returned with promises to have it rectified, and now my calls are no longer returned.) They have been promising to fix it for the last 10 months! I have called them countless times, and each time I am promised or given an excuse as to why it has not been fixed. I have records and recordings of every single call I have made to them since October 2016. Excuses I have been given: they’re unable to organize an electrician to come out, high winds prevent them from working on the tower, they can’t work on the tower when with cruise ships in the port, it’s not a priority, they plan to eventually remove all of the light towers, they don’t have access to a lift that will go high enough, etc. Recently I was told that a company came and tightened up cables in the towers, but this did not rectify the issue. In addition to contacting them directly, my wife and I have also printed flyers and canvased the neighbourhood requesting others to call and complain. I have also submitted several business noise complaints to the City of Victoria with no response or follow up from them.

This noise disturbance affects all of the neighbours surrounding Ogden Point Harbour. This is not a regular operating noise. It is a maintenance issue that is 100% fixable. Our next door neighbour has resorted to sleeping with ear plugs to be able to sleep. I am not only wanting this rectified so that we no longer have to endure the constant creaking noise that makes our new home uninhabitable but also because this is a potential safety hazard. Something is definitely loose on the tower and my concern is that something could come loose and hurt or kill someone.

We are at our wits end and not sure what else we can do to have them make this a priority. It is beyond ridiculous that this issue has gone on for 10 plus months.

Aaron Morrison


James Bay Grows Greener, Rain or Shine

James Bay Grows Greener, Rain or Shine

Come Celebrate the harvest at James Bay Market!

Come Celebrate the harvest at James Bay Market!