Happy 25 years to the Beacon from everyone at James Bay Community Project (JBCP)

By Paula Greene

In 1992 JBCP was going through a period of growth. The Family Centre opened its doors welcoming children and families in the neighbourhood. Today the Family Centre is a vibrant and welcoming place for families in James Bay and beyond to meet, learn, socialise and connect with other each other.

The 90s were a time of development for programs: health services, home support and community services. As well as the Family Centre opening the Seniors Connections group started which is still going today where seniors can gather for a lunch and learn. This was also the time when the current building was purchased and a capital campaign was launched called “Under one Roof’ to locate all of JBCP’s services to 547 Michigan St.

We’re still operating out of the same building and JBCP has continued to grow and develop over the last 25 years; sometimes saying goodbye and wishing well to services it has birthed such as the Victoria Youth Clinic and at other times forming new partnerships such as Victoria Better at Home program, Capital City Volunteers and joining the Coalition of Neighbourhood Houses.

Within the building JBCP acts as landlord to some other community agencies such as the Victoria Health Cooperative, Her Way Home, Life Labs and Essential Health. The lobby is always busy; someone may come in for a can of soup or to pick up donated food, children and families make their way to the Family Centre whilst others book in for a Reiki appointment. Neighbours come to chat and browse in the library or use one of the community computers.

Today the Project has 12 staff and over 350 volunteers who manage, run and deliver programs and services. At the heart of all we have done since 1992 have been the people, the community and the amazing volunteers who we couldn’t manage without. It is the reason JBCP started: to serve and respond to those in need. Nothing essentially has changed and today JBCP is here: for children, families, youth, seniors and adults with disabilities; we are committed to ‘Building Community Together’.

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