Letter “A Patient’s View”

For several days I was confined to room #601 Neurosciences Floor within Victoria General Hospital, following admission via the Emergency department on Sunday, 5 February, 2017 at approximately 8 am. Attentions were all prompt, efficient and of best effectiveness. “Cadillac” quality, no less. Thank you for such.


Latterly, it is my (patient’s) opinion that operation of this floor is in very capable hands, from early morning duty through necessary “shift” changes until ultimate arrival of “Night Nurse.” The human touch is very evident. Team work, the obviously understood key. Nutrition, who could fairly complain? A choice, indeed! (However, one cannot manage a boiled egg with only one working hand).

From personal observation I make one practical, heartfelt plea: Existing floor staff need extra hands, immediately, least they “burn out” through unavoidable overload, quickly producing detrimental effects upon their efficiency, effectiveness, morale and overall productiveness. The quality of care deliverable, at once in peril. They need help now. Please consider the mission “Patient Care.”

Sadly, from experiences and first hand observation as a people-person over 60 years, I have become realistically disillusioned by the growing incidence of the apparently sacred (?) mantra “The Bottom Line.” Re-direction of available funds appears of priority understanding, need, and practice. However, as is well-known but sometimes conveniently “overlooked” or even cleverly denied, there is a hierarchical structure as a constant part of today’s society. In this regard and not being of fortunate position (luckily, having a good education, wide people experience and a not-gullible nature) I am clearly aware. A steady stream of (sometimes inconceivable) current-events, confirms my sadness. Priorities, priorities, priorities?

Please, help our embattled “frontliners”; do not leave this Need at bureaucratic behest.


Stephen Lamb

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