Letter – Open Letter to Law Makers, Pot Smokers and Concerned Citizens

Although I have never used marijuana in any form, I have always supported the legalization of the substance. However, I do have some concerns.

In my opinion, pot should be subject to the same restrictions and penalties as cigarettes and alcohol. For example, there are laws about drinking alcohol in public, except for designated spaces such as bars and restaurants, or smoking in only designated areas. Marijuana use should be restricted to designated areas, as well, and not be allowed to be used on the streets – especially when smoked.

When I am out in public and someone near me is smoking pot, I am subjected to their second-hand smoke and the drug that it contains. Also, people like me – someone who is susceptible to strong odours, such as perfumes and even some flowers – suffer such problems as sore throats, sick stomachs, and severe headaches. I can’t even escape exposure to this smoke when I’m in my own home.

I live in an apartment-condo building and there have been days when I have had to endure the smoke and the smell for hours on end; to the point where I became dizzy and felt very ill.

There are many people like me, who don’t use pot but support your right to have it legalized. It is my hope that you will respect and support our right to be protected from your pot residue.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


R. Morley


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