Letter – Proud long term James Bay resident

In the April 2017 issue there was printed a letter to the editor titled Does JBNA Speak for James Bay? I am not a voting member of JBNA but attended the City of Victoria public hearing and spoke as an independent resident of James Bay. I had been at the meeting for several hours and when it came to the issue of Clover Point rezoning I took this opportunity to raise concerns regarding odour, noise, increased construction traffic, road closures, endangering of the Dallas Road cliffs and the impact of pipe assembly on Niagara Street. These issues related to the wastewater treatment plant and its infrastructure impacts on all of us whether we are renters or owners! I have been both during the 40 years I have lived in this community. My reason for choosing this neighbourhood as my home is the sense of community that is built as we stand together supporting each other as we face challenges such as the above. Thank goodness for the local volunteers who give so much of their time to enhance the quality of life in James Bay whether we are renters or owners. 

P.S. I have attended a James Bay NA meeting where I heard the expression of concern by the executive and other group members on the negative impact that STVRs can have on available rental stock and small licensed bed and breakfasts.


Joan Looy

Magnificent Volunteers

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