Celebrate our “Healthy” Birthday on September 9th

By Vanessa Hammond

The Victoria Health Co-op is NINE years old. Amazing, it seems like just yesterday that we were incorporated, but we have done much since then. As originally planned, we have organized a wide range of wonderful complementary, alternative and integrative treatment resources and made these available to many in our community, including people with limited income. So we will be celebrating nine years of this work.

And we are looking forward to another very special birthday, a birthday that really matters to the 7,300 patients at the Co-op Health Centre. Yes, it is seven years since the Health Co-op learned that an important resource in our community would be closed. After running the medical centre for so many decades, the James Bay Project decided it could not continue. Running a medical facility was not in the plan of the Health Co-op. However, we realized that 5,000 patients needed care. So we signed the lease for the medical space at 547 Michigan St, negotiated with the Medical Office Assistants and doctors, organized communications, computers etc and opened at the start of September 2010.

If you receive your medical care at the Co-op Health Centre, or if you think it is important to have this resource in our community, will you help us celebrate? Let us know how you would like to make this an outstanding celebration of our Co-op and its Co-op Health Centre which cares for so many thousands of patients. Perhaps you are one of our patients. Some ideas for how you could celebrate:

1.     Come to our Healthy Co-op Birthday party 11am – 1pm Saturday 9th September at the Co-op Health Centre

2.     Join the Victoria Health Co-op, $50 for lifetime membership. Because of the Canada Health Act we cannot require our patients to join the Co-op but we really appreciate your support.

3.     Make a donation to the Creating Community Wellness Society. You can leave it at the Co-op Health Centre and receive a charitable donation tax receipt for this! Or visit www.gofundme.com/keep-doors-open-for-7300-patients.

4.     At the Co-op Health Centre, pick up two of our small green flyers and give them to friends, especially any friends who feel the receiving care from one of our doctors automatically makes them members of the Victoria Health Co-op. It doesn’t. Membership is entirely an individual choice.

5.     Sponsor our website, electronic medical records and new computer, new chairs, waiting-room whiteboard.

6.     Become a volunteer host, webmaster, writer, photographer or fund-raiser.

7.     Say a special “thank you” to our Medical Office Assistants who make us all so welcome.

And we would really like to welcome some new Board members. This is an exciting time at the Victoria Health Co-op with new opportunities at the Co-op Health Centre, our outstanding team of Complementary, Alternative and Integrative (CAI) practitioners offering services for our members, and our Community Outreach stretching from Victoria to Ireland, to Lithuania. Yes, really. Just ask about it.

Did you know that our CAI practitioners offer “pay-as-you-can” treatments every month at the Sunday Members’ Wellness Clinics? This is a great way to try a new modality, get to know another practitioner, contribute to the Health Access Fund.

There’s more good news. We will be welcoming Dr Kelly Price, Child Psychologist, as a member of our CAI team. He will be making his own appointments. You can contact him at kp@drkprice.com or 250-886-9788 or learn more about his practice at www.drkprice.com.

Val, our MOA Supervisor, asks, “Did you know that our Co-op Health Centre patients can come for a walk-in appointment on Mondays only 9-11:30 and 1-4:30pm?” Thanks to the MOAs and doctors for organizing this.

Robin Lowry, who has been an Internist at the Co-op Health Centre since April 2017 says, “Please join us to celebrate our Co-op’s birthday and the birthday of the Co-op Health Centre. September 9th.”

Did you know that there are five health sector co-ops on Vancouver Island but that ours was the first in Victoria?

We welcome your questions about the Co-op, the Co-op Health Centre and about Health Co-ops across Canada and around the world. We are proud of our sector. Celebrate with us.

Vanessa. Chair of the Victoria Health Co-op, 250.415.9272 vichealthcoop@gmail.com

How? We have lots of ideas. To discuss any of these or suggest others, just contact me, Vanessa, 250 415 9272 vichealthcoop@gmail.com.

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