City of Victoria Highlights

Regulations for Short Term Rentals

Council is developing regulations for Short Term Rentals in order to address the rental housing shortage. Proposed changes include proactive enforcement of existing zoning and expanded business regulations for where Short Term Rentals are permitted, such as new license fees, operating rules, and fines for non-compliance.

Removal of Transient Zoning in Downtown Residential Buildings

In an effort to limit the impact of short term rentals on residential rental stock, Council is exploring amending the Zoning Regulation Bylaw to remove transient zoning downtown (where short term rental is currently permitted). Short term rentals in all residential dwellings would be limited to individual rooms in homes or condos, though other exemptions such as temporary use in whole dwelling units is also being explored. A public hearing will be required before any change to the bylaw.

Affordable Housing and Rental Retention Policy

In an effort to prevent the loss of existing affordable rental housing, Council has placed a six-month moratorium on rental housing demolition permits insofar as the City has legal authority to do so while staff complete a Market Rental Retention Study. The study is an action of the Victoria Housing Strategy that will explore potential policies, regulations, and incentives to upgrade existing rental stock while protecting tenants from displacement. Council has also directed staff to bring forward a budget amendment drawing on the 2017 contingency to fund this work in an expedited manner, including the option to hire a second housing planner on a contract basis.

Rezoning Application for 149 Montreal Street

Following a public hearing and the completion of a covenant on operating hours, Council voted to allow this rezoning application which would allow the daycare at this location to increase the number of children to a maximum of 32.

Dog’s Off Leash

Council directed staff to proceed with planning and implementation of the dog off-leash pilot projects for Fisherman's Wharf Park.

Rezoning and Development Permit Application for 701 Belleville Street

Following a public hearing, Council passed third reading of the bylaw approving a rezoning and development application that will allow the construction of a 15 storey mixed use building, including seniors residential on the upper floors and commercial uses on the ground floor. Final vote for the adoption of this bylaw will take place at a future Council meeting.

Protecting Dallas Road Bluffs

Council has requested that the Capital Regional District’s Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project Board ensure mitigation measures will be put in to place to protect the Dallas Road Bluffs during construction of facilities related the wastewater treatment plant. These measures include assembling an interdisciplinary team to study and address the protection of the bluffs, and a plan for preservation.

David Foster Harbour Pathway

Construction of the Raymur and Heron Cove bridges and Heron Cove Special Place has been deferred until more favourable industry conditions, due to the single over budget bid received. Construction of a Reeson Park pathway and Johnson Street Bridge underpass pathway will continue. Further work will continue to look at funding required to support Ship Point structural/geotechnical remediation and repairs, and funding required for an assessment and risk analysis of Laurel Point soil contamination.

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