Letter – 25 Years of the Beacon

In Victoria to visit the granddaughters, I made a point to look out for a copy of the Beacon.

By golly, it's your 25th anniversary!

Your story in the May 2017 issue mentioned my name, in a look-back titled Magnificent Volunteers. You were indeed, and remain, magnificent.

Caroline Griese and Susan Martin relit the cold ember of the James Bay Beacon in 1992 and Susan coaxed me, an ex-journalist, to come down to help. I've lost track of Susan, but Caroline and I were on the phone this spring remembering the Beacon and the start of our friendship. We thought it must be 25 years by now and guessed the Beacon was still around because the paper's life force had always been strong.

Your Beacon is bigger and better than ours was. I like the activism and the clear focus on land use and the environment.

The newspaper witnessed much in a quarter century. Reading that May issue I learned joyfully of the man who joined my friend and Beacon chair Sharon Max 14 years ago. Minutes later I sorrowed to read that the man, Beacon mentor Jim Gerwing, had died only a month before.

She witnessed much, our Beacon, and did much good.

Tim Padmore

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