Letter: Rail is the answer to transportation woes

The ongoing debate about James Bay’s transportation question will never end until there is a clear message sent to the provincial government (which controls BC Transit) that rail is needed in our capital region.

The city of Portland, Oregon is known throughout the world for its advanced approach to dealing with transportation. Certainly, buses are a huge part of that system, known as TriMet, but they are used to serve the main system … the rail system.

At this time of unknowns in our provincial governance, it would be well to review what should be the very best answer for transportation in and through James Bay. Transporting many passengers - with minimum effect on the local environment - is the major benefit that rail offers. One train can carry 200 or 400 passengers and can be through an intersection in less than 10 seconds. No fumes. Little noise.

Residents of James Bay who unite in supporting such a wise and proven approach to transit - and are successful - will be providing the proven best for themselves and for generations to come.
Dick Faulks

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