Petition for the Douglas Street Cross Walk from Battery Street to Beacon Hill Park

Petition for the Douglas Street Cross Walk from Battery Street to Beacon Hill Park

By Ada Serson

Our petition was presented at the most recent Open House held by Lisa Helps, our Mayor, on September 26 at the Senior Centre at Cook Street. I want to thank all the residents of Amica and the residents of Battery Street for so willingly signing that petition. I had to leave for Portland, Oregon at that time to attend to family business, so I was unable to present the two petitions myself.

Fortunately Darlene Ferris, a resident of Amica Douglas House, took my place for the Amica Residents and Larry Howe, resident of Battery Street, spoke for the people of Battery Street. They very ably and articulately defended the need for the Crosswalk at that meeting. I’m told that Lisa was very open and interested in our proposal. We did speak to her about this topic already at an earlier open house.

As Larry so pointedly wrote in his accompanying letter: “Specifically, we are asking the City to install a lighted, marked, signed crosswalk from the SW corner of Battery Street to a raised, concrete island in front of the landscaped garden at the north end of the Terry Fox Memorial and Mile Zero, and then extend it Eastward to Beacon Hill Park’s pathways, meadows, playing fields and our beautiful lookout with the proud Canadian Maple Leaf flying high”.

We think that the raised section in the middle of the crosswalk will enable our older folks to cross even more leisurely. Included is a photograph of an Amica resident attempting to cross Douglas in the current condition. We can all agree that a crosswalk is of the essence to prevent a serious accident from happening.

Here’s hoping that in the early months of 2019 we may see this crosswalk becoming a reality.

Thank you again and kind regards to all.

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