A Book's Journey

By Hazel Ross

Photo of JBCP Library

Photo of JBCP Library

I am a book of poems called “Iron Mountain” by author Mark Frutkin in Ottawa. In 2001 he had me published in Vancouver. My travels began when an American tourist bought me and took me to his home in El Verano, California. I was just another book of no consequence, so my owner sold me at a road-side stand. My condition was good, having rarely been used.

A Canadian browsing the books recognized that the poems had value, and my unwrinkled pages were a selling point. He took me home to Gabriola Island in 2004.

The new owner, so impressed by the poetry, wrote in the front that he was sending me to his son in Korea urging him to read certain pages.

I don’t recall when I returned to Canada, but in 2017 I was placed on a poetry shelf of James Bay Coffee and Books, when an elderly lady having her morning repast picked me up because of my attractive cover of stately high mountains in China. She now owns me, and we have settled into a relationship of mutual thoughts and ideas.

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