Hey all Cats & Dogs...

Cartoon Tea.jpg

One day I was lounging around at the James Bay Beacon office like I usually do when....WOOF! A woman is staring at me real close. I've seen her around; she's the artist that draws the cartoons and that big neat calendar for 2018. Then she starts to draw little ol' me! Woofie? Why would I pay attention to that you ask? On February 16th it's Year of the Dog plus before that, it's Valentine's Day! Bowsie Wowsie!! People just love their pets!

I really woofed it and so does my best friend Deborah. So all you handsome dogs and adorable cats, get your best friend to give you a gift you won't forget...like mine....Yipee Yap Yeah!

And while I am writing to you folks.....2018 is the Earth Dog. It's an ideal time to start eating healthy, more walkies and stop the bad habits. (I gotta cut down on all those milk bones!)

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