More than a Resolution, a Revolution.

Sketch by Rick Thomas

Sketch by Rick Thomas

By Rick Thomas

You and I have had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. It is time to face 2018, an unknown place. Before the holidays, I saw a wagon on my street that possibly came out of my hood. It told me the future of many for this coming year. A ball of rags, ropes, tarps and plastic on wheels moved along Government Street with no guidance except from a lonely police officer with a look of despair on his face. ‘...what do I do...?’ , said his body language. A man was pushing and pulling his home to a safe place to spend his Christmas alone, cold, hungry, and frightened. Surrounded by his adversaries, there was nothing else he could do. He must wonder what brought him to this place. I wondered myself how close am I, or we, to this terrible place. The loss of a pay check, pension, welfare, or generous gift could place any of us in similar circumstances. I have had friends and a brother who have died in the recent past from neglect. “I will attempt in this New Year of 2018 to help others,”  my resolution for the revolution to come.

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