Poem: While Sitting...in a Tea Room

Who is that person across the way?
Her hair so white with touches of grey
So thin and frail, shakey and faint
Her manner of speech so strangely quaint
Nibbling a cookie and sipping some tea
Near a window that looks out to the sea
She sits in a corner with back to the wall
Shrivelled and hunched, so tiny and small
What does she say and to whom does she speak?
With a voice that often sounds like a squeak
She is nodding and talking to someone “not there”
I see only one, but there must be a pair??
A green hat made of cloth snug on her head
A waterproof coat - the color dark red
I ponder her history, from where has she come
Where has she been, and what has she done?
What is she saying to her invisible friend?
And now this writing has come to an end.


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