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By Emillie Parrish

The 2016 Active Transportation Survey showed that walking is the dominant form of transportation within James Bay. It also identified many areas requiring improvement. Based on these results the James Bay Active Transportation Committee has developed three proposed solutions.

 A Shared Solution: Shared Streets accommodate all types of transportation by removing the barriers between them so all modes become equal. A good example of this is Granville Island in Vancouver.

Five Corners (the intersection of Menzies, Simcoe and Toronto) is a key pivot point for the community. Making this a Shared Streets Zone would increase access for pedestrians, improve space for bikes and calm vehicle traffic.

 A Complete Solution: Complete Streets are streets designed to enable safe access to users of all ages and abilities by providing separate spaces for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. This might mean dedicated cycle lanes or cycle lane markings depending on the volume of traffic.

Dallas, Superior, Oswego, and Government (north of Michigan) are connecting streets with high volumes of traffic. We propose these streets be developed as Complete Streets by the City of Victoria.

A Neighbourhood Solution: A neighbourhood-wide solution is required to improve all forms of transportation in James Bay. Since James Bay is an older neighbourhood, many of our sidewalks are narrow and need improvements to ensure access for walkers, mobility scooters and strollers.

We also propose reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h on neighbourhood streets, with the exception of major thoroughfares like Dallas, Douglas,  and Superior.

 We want to know what you think! An electronic copy of the survey with more detailed explanations can be found on Paper copies of the survey can be left in collection boxes at Niagara Grocery, Serious Coffee, Imagine Cafe or the James Bay Community Centre before March 1st, 2018.

Also, please engage in the upcoming James Bay Local Area Plan, and let the City of Victoria know what is needed to improve transportation in James Bay.

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