The James Bay - Fairfield Link: An Improved Multi-Use Pathway through Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Parkway: Photo by Paul JS Beaubien

Beacon Hill Parkway: Photo by Paul JS Beaubien

By Marg Gardiner, President, JBNA

Last fall, JBNA and the Fairfield-Gonzales Community Association (FGCA) were contacted by the City's Head of Engagement, and asked to collaborate to recommend an approach to a public realm project that would benefit both communities. The project was to be funded by the CRD. Funding was an outcome of Wastewater Treatment Project discussions.

Both JBNA and FGCA realised that the funding would not buy much in the way of public realm improvement. Wanting a project that would benefit both communities, we proposed a multi-use pathway linking the two communities through Beacon Hill Park.

JBNA had been approached by parents wanting to get to Sir James Douglas without having to take their children along busy Southgate. Residents in our two communities also frequent businesses and services in both communities.

City staff explored possible routes and concluded that enhancement of existing pathways was possible within the funding limit. The proposed route includes upgrades to the existing paths that run from Heywood Avenue alongside the playground to Bridge Way, where it connects with the multi-use pathway to Douglas Street. The enhanced east-west link, would be accessible to all, and a safer route for children travelling to/from South Park and Sir James Douglas elementary schools.

JBNA and FGCA are hosting an open house about the project and seek your feedback on the proposed pathway. All input received will be reviewed by the Association Boards and shared with Council for their consideration.

Please join Don Monsour, FGCA President, and JBNA Board members, between 6:30 pm and 8 pm on Tuesday, February 20, at South Park Elementary School gymnasium. If you are not able to come, you can provide feedback via email at or

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