Poem: A Song for the Earth

Photo by Barry Behnke

Photo by Barry Behnke

A warm breeze over the ocean

Scatters the morning fog exposing

A scroll of kelp carrying

An otter cleansing himself

Before a meal of shellfish.


Swishing hypnotic sounds

From the incoming tide

A benediction for a young dead seal

 Pushed toward shore.

After a liminal moment

The receding tide returns it

To the deep sea from whence it came

To be consumed  by nature

On the far shore a line of light

Below the snowy Olympics

A  fractured rugged coastline

Continually being sculpted

 By nature’s whims.

As the sun spreads across Beacon Hill

Miniature eruptions in the soil

Release a spectrum of colours in flowers

 Bird songs drift through new green leaves.

Grace is welcome wherever found.

By Hazel Ross

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