How to find your tribe

By Barbara Edie

Do you have a tribe?

By tribe, I don’t mean just your family and friends but a community of people, “your people,” who share common values, interests, or passions.
Or as my friend likes to say, you’re all swimming in the same pond.
“Community is the new currency,” is something I’ve heard a lot lately.

If you want to move onward and upward, or at least forward, the time of the lone wolf is over. As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers.
It’s all about building connection, community, and a band of peaceful warriors to get things done—whether it’s your big dream, audacious goal or world mission.
The time is now to find a tribe that shares your vibe.
Witness the hundreds of thousands of women marching in cities around the world to create social and political change on a global scale to the small explosion of local events, networks, and meet up groups. People are banding together everywhere to create real connection, collaboration, and change.

Power shared is power amplified.

That, of course, includes creative power. Success increases as you surround yourself with other creative minds, resources, and energy.
In the past few years, every dream or crazy idea I had came to fruition much faster and easier when I found ‘my people.’ That included kindred spirits and like-minded souls with whom I collaborated to accomplish big goals such as writing and publishing a bestselling book, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and teaching kids in Kenya, all of which has opened new doors to entirely new dreams.
So in this wave of community, connectivity, and creativity have you found your tribe?

Not yet? Not exactly?

Nothing feels better than doing, creating, or sharing something you love with people you love (or at least like).
Almost everything is better shared…
ideas, dreams, victories, love, and dinner.
So if you haven’t found your tribe, or are looking for a new one, here are three inspired actions you can take today:

Be the first to reach out.

That’s the motto of my friend and colleague David Knapp-Fisher who founded a now 1600-member meet up group called Inspired Victoria. By being the first one to say “hello” and start conversations with people everywhere, he’s built an incredible community of cool people doing cool stuff, and many of them leaders in their field.

Get creative.

Do something you’ve never imagined yourself doing.
Take up belly dancing (I did), pottery lessons, or a foreign language…any radical act of creativity that will get you out of your house and your comfort zone. You’ll not only meet new and interesting people, you’ll develop new skills that will fuel other creative connections and opportunities.

Start your own tribe!

Big or small, why not create a group you’d love that doesn’t yet exist? Online, offline, or both, build a place for like-minded souls to meet, connect, engage, ask questions, offer support, share victories, triumphs and tragedies… and whatever your intention for the group might be.

Think of it as a collective to fuel your creative spirit and give your heart and soul the attention it needs through connection, support, and fun.

Community is the new currency…and there’s good value here.
You are not alone. Find connection and share connection with those who light up your heart and soul.

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