Poem: James Bay

I wake to the tide sound
tires make as they drag
rain water through the road.
Not quite 7 a.m.,
yet already the Birdcage Confectionary
on the corner displays
buckets of fresh-cut flowers.

Drops trickle off a man’s black
umbrella as he crosses the street
to the Parliament building,
a woman bikes behind
two children peddling to school.

With Victorian and Edwardian
architecture, this James Bay
neighbourhood appears as quaint
as it did twenty years ago,
until I run out of sidewalk
and slosh past a bulldozed
lot the size of two city blocks.

Sadly, this district is not immune
to cement, rebar, and steel beams
that metastasize from
Victoria’s central district.

By Nancy Taylor

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Then and Now: 642 Battery Street

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