Job Opportunity: Rat Catcher

Job Opportunity: Rat Catcher

Due to infrastructure activity in support of a new municipal toilet and bicycle lanes in the James Bay Municipality, the need for a RAT CATCHER at construction sites and adjoining community housing has deemed to be necessary.

Temporary position leading to full-time employment, salary negotiable.

UNIFORM: Green tights, khaki three quarter length jacket with leather belt and shoulder harness, green felt pointy boots and cap.

INSTRUMENTS: Flute, rodent cages (two dozen). Bait will be supplied.

RODENT ZONES: No. 1, Clover Point to Ogden Point; No. 2, Ogden Point to Royal BC Museum; No. 3, Inner Municipal area. The Rat Catcher will be responsible for disposal of rats. No firearms to be used.

EDUCATION: Biology with rodent and small carnivore behaviour as major. Background in pest management recommended.

MUSIC EDUCATION: Flute at high level.

CHEMISTRY: An option. Basic knowledge helpful.

Good communication and public relation skills. Physically fit. Public speaking and presentations at neighbourhood meetings mandatory.

R. Thomas

Illustration by Rick Thomas

Medical Expenses, Disability Tax Credit and Attendant Care

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