Letter to the Editor: Smokey Road Rage

By Peter A. Morris

You think the roads and traffic are crazy now?  Just wait until later this year, when our illustrious government makes marijuana legal!

Cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles seem to ignore pedestrians now, making crossing the road on a crosswalk extremely hazardous as it is. Imagine what it will be like when ‘the pot hits the fan!’

Take for example, the five-way corner in James Bay near Thrifty’s. This appears to be a mystery to the majority of drivers now: they ignore the stop signs, or don’t see them or don’t want to see them – or maybe they are plain ignorant of the rules of the road. While they try to figure out who goes next from any one of the five streets involved, they completely miss seeing the pedestrian or the senior with a walker or a scooter.

I realize that legalizing this drug is a federal matter and that road signs and traffic lights are locally legislated, but come on! A little cooperation, a little of the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing would be very useful here.

Local politicians need to address this local problem before it becomes even more dangerous with drugged drivers.

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