City of Victoria Report

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Bylaw for Animal Responsibility

Council adopted the Animal Responsibility Bylaw. A person may keep up to 15 chickens. Council also directed staff to prepare an amendment to expand the definition for keeping female chickens to include other poultry or fowl.

Mayors’ Joint Report on Citizens’ Assembly on Amalgamation

On January 22, the Mayors of Victoria and Saanich wrote to the Honourable Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, requesting a meeting to seek the Province’s assistance to begin dialogue on establishing and funding a Citizens’ Assembly to study amalgamation of the two municipalities. Following that meeting, Council last night unanimously passed a motion that Victoria and Saanich hold a joint Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss what question both local governments will place on the October 20, 2018 municipal election ballot to ask voters if they want the municipalities to explore amalgamation through a Citizens’ Assembly and other studies. In its discussion of the motion, Council emphasized that this process is about gathering information, and does not presume any outcome.

Recommended Adoption of BC Energy Step Code

Council has adopted the BC Energy Step Code for new residential and commercial buildings following extensive industry consultation and directed staff to prepare bylaw amendments. This approach supports the City’s 2018 Climate Leadership Plan that sets out goals and targets for Low Carbon, High Performance Buildings. The adoption of the Step Code aligns with the City’s target that by 2030 all new buildings are net zero energy ready. Staff will also proceed with a sustainability checklist for rezoning and development permit application forms that reference Step Code requirements as well as other sustainable design elements that are reflective of City goals and policies.

Accessibility Projects

Council approved the allocation of $70,000 from the Accessibility Reserve Fund, for inclusion in the 2018 Financial Plan, in order to install audible/accessible pedestrian signals at several locations throughout the City, including Menzies / Superior.

Support for the Francophone Games

Council has agreed in principle to support the 2020 Francophone Games and directed staff to explore opportunities and report back to Council.

David Foster Harbour Pathway Extension – Johnson Street Bridge Underpass

Council has directed staff to finalize detailed designs and proceed with procurement and construction of the proposed Johnson Street Bridge Underpass. A project budget has been set at $544,000 for the extension of the David Foster Harbour Pathway under the new Johnson Street Bridge, consisting of $444,000 from the Harbour Pathway Capital Budget from the deferred pedestrian bridges and $100,000 contribution from the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.

Neighbour Day – Sunday, May 6

Neighbour Day is an opportunity to open our doors and engage with our neighbours in fun and creative ways. It is dedicated to creating safe, resilient neighbourhood communities by increasing inclusion and reducing isolation through neighbour-to-neighbour connections. When neighbours know each other, people are more engaged in their neighbourhoods, they share a sense of belonging and neighbours are safer. Children and seniors and other vulnerable residents are watched over and cared for, and your neighbourhood thrives. How you connect with your neighbours is up to you. Learn more about Neighbour Day and download a Neighbour Day kit to get some ideas.

Victoria Fire Department Headquarters Replacement Project

Council approved allocating $35.9 million from the City's Debt Reduction Reserve for the procurement of a new Fire Department Headquarters to be located at a new parcel fronting Johnson Street, near Cook Street. A new Victoria public safety building will be built downtown under an agreement reached with local developer Dalmatian Developments Limited Partnership. The new facility will house fire and rescue services and Victoria’s first purpose built Emergency Operations Centre. In addition, BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) has agreed to lease 3,200 square-feet of space from the City to operate a stand-alone facility for paramedics and four ambulances under a planned 20-year co-service agreement. The agreement is subject to Dalmatian Developments bringing their overall project through the rezoning process, which includes the construction of the new public safety building.

Capital Works Projects – 2018 Schedule

LED Lighting Beacon Hill Park Path – Late Spring
Beacon Hill Park Lighting Upgrades – September – November
Paving Intersection on Government at Superior – June
Complete Streets Belleville at Menzies – January-June
Wayfinding Sign – March (complete)
Crosswalk Upgrade – Erie at Fisherman’s Wharf – January (complete)
Storm Drain Replacement: Dallas - Olympia to Paddon - September
Storm Drain Replacement - Quebec at Oswego – September - October
Water Main Replacement: Dallas - Douglas to Camas – March - April
Storm Drain Replacement – Brotchy Lane/Menzies to Rithet – June - August
Holland Point Stairs Repair - TBD
Horseshoe Bay Stairs Upgrade - TBD
Seawall and Balustrade Replacement: Dallas Road - April onward
Harbour Pathway Assessment - TBD
James Bay Community Project Garden Playspace (Neighbourhood Project) – 2018
Michigan St United Church gathering space (Neighbourhood Project) - 2018
Fisherman's Wharf Mural (Neighbourhood Project) - 2018

Places We Love

At the recent Great Neighbourhood block party, residents of James Bay sat down together to begin asset mapping the neighbourhood. We started with identifying places we love, community gathering space and active streets in the neighbourhood. The map was filled quickly with a lot of stickers, and it was a lot of fun watching how people navigated the map. The map will show up at other events in the coming year to allow more residents to add their comments. The data from the map will be used to create a Neighbourhood Resource Inventory which will be put on the Neighbourhood page on the city website.

Parking Stand Allocations for Horse Drawn Carriages

Council approved extending for five years the parking stand allocation for horse drawn carriage parking stands designated under the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw.

Street Vending Review Project

Council agreed to extend the seasonal bicycle street vending pilot program for 2018, to run from May 1 to December 31 and extend the limit to stay in one place to one hour.

Emergency Preparedness Free Workshops

Tuesday May 8 – 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Wednesday May 23 – 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action