Letters to the Editor

Letter – “Cyclist”

I would like to say thank you to John Fry for his article on “Cyclist”. I am a cyclist and I agree with him 100 %. I hope he sends a copy to our City Council as it is very informative and very true. As a cyclist, it is time to stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility for our inappropriate behaviour on the road. I cannot tell you how many times in almost 30 years of cycling that I have stopped at a pedestrian cross-walk or red light and had other cyclists blast by me expecting everyone else to move out of their way. All that would be required is for cyclists to follow the “rules of the road” and we wouldn’t need ugly, dangerous concrete dividers on all our streets. It is time to stop enabling poor cycling practice and have cyclists join the rest of the population that abides by the rules and uses the same roads.

Mark Carlow

Letter - Dangerous crossing in South James Bay

In 1957 the SW corner of Beacon Hill Park was severed at Mile 0, creating a small triangle, isolated from the rest of the Park. A road across the top of this triangle made a short cut from Dallas to Douglas. In 1957 traffic was lighter, and a stop sign wasn't needed on north-bound Douglas where it met the cut off. One is there now. At the same time walkers to aid the elderly were just being introduced.

Go forward 60 years — the number of cars and their speed has increased, now zooming around this corner unhindered. The number of elders has increased, and many use the handy walkers to get around. Pedestrian traffic has grown as fast as the road traffic. Newly applied Residential Parking signs on the side streets mean the main parking for workers in the area is along the Park on the east side of Douglas St.

Residents and workers living in the area who want to cross Douglas St. into the Park south of Beacon St. are a risk. Even more dangerous is the return trip to the west sidewalk. Beacon St. is the last crosswalk before Dallas Road, and it directs walkers to the Park proper, not to the Camus meadows and points beyond. There have been close shaves as northbound traffic swoops around the corner; one close encounter involved the Police. It’s only a matter of time before there is a more serious incident.

The James Bay Neighbourhood Association negotiated two new crosswalks south of Superior St. before Beacon St., working with a firm of architects for the final design. The JBNA should now look further south, to our very serious situation, before it’s too late.

Jo Manning

Transit Service in James Bay