Transit Service in James Bay

By Ted Ross

There were a couple of questions regarding transit service in James Bay. We wondered if ridership was up. And we wondered about scheduling, with the tendency for buses to come in twos after a long wait for those at the stop.

We contacted James Wadsworth, Manager of Planning for BC Transit, and put the questions to him.

Is ridership up?

Data is being collected now, but it is too early to assess it. It will take at least six months to have an answer to the question.

Why aren't the two routes staggered to spread the service out?

During the current Niagara Street detour, schedule timings are often upset by the buses having to leave their regular routes. This can lead to them getting close together. Also, the routes are on two different cycles. The #2 is every 20-30 minutes depending on the time of day. The #3/10 is every 30 minutes. Trying to set that up so it staggers nicely isn't always possible because of the different frequencies of the routes.

Adjustments will be made this summer. One earlier trip has already been added to the #2 service for the sake of students.

Our thanks to James Wadsworth for his help.

JBCP honours its volunteers at a Royal-tea

JBCP honours its volunteers at a Royal-tea

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