Victoria Health Co-op: Natural Health Professionals Wanted

By Vanessa Hammond

Invitation: If you are a natural health professional, a wellness practitioner, holistic healer we would like to get to know you at the Victoria Health Co-op to see if there could be a good match between your work and our need for a larger group of practitioners.

All of our practitioners are highly trained and peer-evaluated. As a member-owner of the Victoria Health Co-operative you would have the same rights as all other member-owners (access to the Monthly Members’ Wellness Clinics, the Health Access Fund, access as a teacher and/or learner to our Wellness Education programs, and an equal voice in the operation of the co-op.) As a practitioner, you would have the added benefit of being able to inform members of the co-op (now over 300 active members) about your modality and your skills. 

Your responsibilities are the same as all other member-owners, taking an active part in the life and well-being of the co-op and respecting the co-op definition, values and principles as set out by the International Co-op Alliance ( and on our website.

You will note that we use the phrase wellness practitioner as we feel that “alternative” and “complementary” both imply that some other forms are preferable. We see wellness, well-being, health as the objective and invite you to be part of our contribution to the well-being of our members and community.

To discuss this further, please contact our lead practitioner, Dacia Moss at

The next Members' Wellness Clinic will be on May 27. If you would like to participate as a wellness practitioner, please contact Dacia by May 7. If you are a member and would like a wonderful "Contribute as you can" treatment, please respond to the email you will receive in mid-May. If you are not a member, just contact Dacia or Vanessa about how to join.

Request: We are working hard to plan new programs for the fall including updated versions of Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle, Hans Kaitm (group learning) for youth, young families and people with neurological disorders, a monthly Co-op Café, an online series ‘Eating for Well-Being’. All of these require brains, energy, funding. Please pick one (or two) that most interest you and join the conversation. For any of these please contact Vanessa Hammond at

And we have news: We will be launching a fundraising campaign. We want to thank Chris, Krista and Selina for outstanding work on this. Please watch for details next month. 

As usual, we want to introduce our Person of the Month. Howard Dieno, British trained osteopathic practitioner and naturopath. He says,

“I am a founding member of the Victoria Community Health Co-operative, and of the Wellness Clinic, offered on a Sunday, near the end of most months of the year. I usually donate my services at those Sunday clinics when they are offered, except for rare occasions when I am elsewhere.

In July of this year,  I will have been in practice as an osteopathic practitioner for 30 years. It has been, and continues to be, an interesting journey. I feel very blessed to have been able to make my living from working with people in ways that are effective and meaningful, for the clear majority of those I have had the good fortune to serve. I have never stopped learning in these many years – not just in terms of the anatomy, physiology and life force inherent in every living being I treat, but also just about life itself.

It has, however, always been a challenge to give an accessible explanation for the sort of work I do with patients. And while for most people, after we have begun to work together, explaining the mechanisms behind my work is less important, I have included here my current iteration of a description of my work that encompasses two fundamental things:

1. finding subtle means to reflect back to people’s unconscious minds the sensory information necessary to re-engage their self-healing capability, and;

2. helping people (for children and animals, this is partially via their caregivers) “get”, mostly at the unconscious level, what needs to be understood - bio-mechanically, bio-energetically, and sometimes on even more subtle levels. Where appropriate, I then point to what they can do to discern and listen more closely to their body signals, and how they might make decisions more in harmony with those signals.

In other words, it is seeing what the “guidelines” for healthier living are (whether they are universal, and/or specific guidelines, dictated by unique, individual circumstances), and giving physical feedback, and more overt suggestions, on beginning to align decisions and actions with those guidelines. The work is gentle, subtle and respectful; and is my pleasure to offer.”

You can contact Howard at Tel/Fax: (250) 380-4713 • Cell: (250) 217-9568 • Blog:

If you have ideas or questions about the Victoria Health Co-op, our Co-op Health Centre please contact VHC Chair, Vanessa Hammond or 250.415.9272.

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