Crosswalks Coming

Yesterday eight people from Amica, including General Manager John Lioudakis, Valla Elricksson, the Concierge, with Marg Gardiner, President JBNA, met at Mayor Lisa Helps’ office in City Hall. Their primary goal was the cross-walk issue. They were successful. We are promised two crosswalks, one crossing Niagara at the corner of Douglas to the letter box, and one across Douglas from the corner of Niagara. John gave the presentation, and Valla added comments concerning the lack of stop signs on Dallas Road. The Mayor didn’t know this and will look into it.

John was also able to point out to Mayor Helps where the Park had been severed at Mile 0 years ago, on her big office map. Much westbound traffic on Dallas takes advantage of this short cut, adding to our traffic problems. We’ve been promised that this issue will be on the agenda for 2019, with possible closure of the road.

Jo Manning

Thank you to the Good Samaritan

Heartfelt thanks to the Good Samaritan who found a key fob and turned it into Niagara Market. I've been utterly consumed by its disappearance for 48 hours, contacting every potential place it may have been turned in to.

The absolute relief I felt upon locating the keys can't be described unless one has experienced it. I was facing many hundreds of dollars to replace the keys and locks.

Effusive thanks!  You've restored my faith in the goodness of people and Niagara Market, an outstanding local shop and community hub.

Katharine Pringle

Apartment buildings charging parking fees cause of street congestion

So, Victoria city councillor Pam Madoff is concerned that a 12 unit development on Montreal Street near Dallas Road, with 12 stalls of underground parking, will somehow impact street parking in James Bay. I don't follow the math or the concern. Madoff and council should be taking a closer examination at other real parking issues in James Bay.

Take the 300 block of Michigan Street, for example, where it is resident parking only on that roadway. Residents of 345 Michigan Street often complain that due to so many cars parked on both sides of the road their view of traffic is blocked, and this makes it difficult to exit their driveway. And yet there are a half of dozen or more parking stalls in the parking lot of 345 Michigan Street that are vacant on a regular basis because that building charges a monthly fee for parking. Some residents at 345 Michigan Street are choosing to park on the street, contributing to the very problem their neighbours are complaining about.

When these apartment buildings in James Bay were built decades ago, with a requirement from the city to provide a parking lot for residents, were residents being charged for parking? I don't think so. 

On how many streets in James Bay, and elsewhere in Victoria, are parking lots of apartment buildings significantly underutilized because those buildings are charging a fee for parking and therefore convincing many residents to park vehicles on the street that should not be there in the first place? The answer to this question is that there are likely hundreds of apartment parking stalls throughout Victoria that are underutilized, leading to the problem of clogged streets full of parked vehicles. 

Victoria city council should focus some attention towards this problem and not worry so much about this new 12 unit development with 12 stalls of underground parking on Montreal Street.

Trevor Amon

Incredible edibles have already sprouted at JBCP

Incredible edibles have already sprouted at JBCP

Ask the Veterinarian: What’s lurking in the grass?