Funding for Nursing Services in the Community

Victoria Health Co-op

By Vanessa Hammond

Last month we announced that we have received financial support for nursing services thanks to the hard work of our Board and the B.C. Association of Community Health Centres (of which the Co-op is a member) over the past year. The Victoria Health Co-operative is working with several potential partners to bring Nurse Practitioner services to our members and the wider community. We will be announcing details of this new service as soon as they are available. This interim funding is in anticipation of permanent core funding in 2022 for nursing services. We are excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to offering even more services for our community. Nurse Practitioners have a Scope of Practice similar to that of a Family Physician – many of you will remember Annie Boldt and Cheryl Hobson – but with a much greater emphasis on the promotion of Wellness.

To quote the College of Registered Nurses of BC, “Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with experience and advanced nursing education at the master’s level. Nurse practitioners autonomously diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses.”

VHC Hosting a “Co-op Café” Series

Thanks to the hard work of Victoria Health Co-op Member-Owner Bruce Livingston, and the support of the City of Victoria, we have organized a series of “Co-op Cafés”. Partnering with co-operative organizations in our community, Co-op Cafés provide an opportunity to learn about co-operatives in general (enterprises set up to meet the mutual needs of the member-owners, rather than to maximize profit for shareholders). At each Co-op Café we meet the passionate people who are member-owners and leaders of a co-op in our community and learn about their impact as an organization.

We will start this monthly series at 11am on September 29 at the James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies St, and invite you join the discussion! Snacks will be provided and we encourage questions and sharing views from community members. For future sessions, we invite YOU to suggest co-ops you are interested in to tell us about their work. We hope you will also suggest topics for discussion – anything about co-ops and how we contribute to our communities. Check out the schedule on the New Horizons notice board and our website and facebook.

Please email or call us with your suggestions, or leave a note for the Co-op at the front desk of the James Bay Community Project.

Thank you to all

Many thanks to our volunteers who have committed their time and passion to the VHC. We hope all have had a chance to enjoy these summer months. Now we are looking for additional volunteers (as a member, you are also an owner!) to initiate and implement new projects. Please contact our Chair, Vanessa, at or 250.415.9272.

Join the Board:

The Victoria Health Co-op is looking for a Secretary/Treasurer to join our Board of Directors. The time commitment for this role is low. Do you have expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting to members and government?

We also seek program planners to identify needs and opportunities and take projects from concept and fund-raising to implementation, evaluation and reporting.

For more information contact Vanessa at or call 250.415.9272.

Poem: Lola

Poem: Lola

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