Letters to the Editor

Letter – So called Active Transportation Network

I would like to bring forward an issue that may be of concern to your readers.

I have been a resident of James Bay for the past 6.5 years and live on Dallas Road. I am deeply concerned about Lisa Helps' so-called "Active Transportation Network", which is just a sneaky way of saying "bike lanes" without raising public awareness of her plans. Your readers may be interested to know that Dallas Road is scheduled for two-way protected bike lane installation with construction beginning in 2019.

People may have noticed the big reader boards at either end of Dallas Road advising the public of construction between now and August 2020. Well, these bike lanes are part of the reason. As you likely know, Dallas Road is already quite congested during the summer months with regular resident traffic, cruise ship traffic, tourists and horse-drawn carriages. At the height of the cruise ship season, there are even people directing traffic at the entrances to Ogden Point. These bike lanes will most certainly add to that congestion. They are definitely unnecessary as the minimal bike traffic that exists is in no danger and has no issues travelling on the road the way it is. However, with the installation of bike lanes, Dallas Road will lose parking spaces, becoming extremely narrow (especially for buses) and it will make it very difficult for people backing out of parking–the new design will force them to back out directly into moving traffic.

The plan is ridiculous and a huge waste of money. I hope that you share this with your readers and encourage people to protest this careless waste of our tax dollars and the destruction of our neighbourhood.

Have a look at the plans here: https://www.victoria.ca/EN/main/residents/transportation/cycling/dallas-rd.html

Paula Kully

Letter – Don’t Miss the Lighted Model Boat Parade

For about 60 years the home port of the Victoria Model Ship Building Society has been the Harrison Model Boat Pond on Dallas Road.

The annual “Lighted Model Boat Parade” will be held at the pond on Dec 15 between four and six pm, weather permitting. About 20 seasonally lighted vessels are expected to transit the pond.

This is a free public event and members of the Victoria Model Ship Building Society will happily engage with anyone interested in learning more about our hobby.

Rick Gonder

Letter – Dangerous Crosswalks

Another dog was killed in the crosswalk at Menzies and Dallas Rd. This is the third dog that I know of that has been killed there.

We need better lighting and I would like to see a flashing light crossing there. It’s very busy and I can’t tell you how many drivers just don’t stop. I have witnessed a hundred or so in the day time.

There isn’t another crosswalk until you get to Douglas Street. We need one near the public toilets as lots of people cross there because there is another pathway to the ocean.

The crosswalk signs on Southgate are obscured by tree branches. There is also a petition to get a crosswalk put in at Battery and Douglas.

The lighting on all of the crosswalks is inadequate. Something has to be done.

A general discussion about the state of the crosswalks in Victoria needs to be done. There is of course the big push for bike safety but nothing about pedestrian safety.

Carol Stevenson

Letter – Remembering School Days’ Experience of Discipline

Today’s media presents an alarming (and growing) number of reports describing lawlessness and the softening of experiences affecting our younger people, in case “it may harm them” (in various ways). It is possible that our goals for our youth should be to strengthen their development rather than to soften it.

The scene: summer 1944 (“doodle-bug” days), at a boys grammar school on the south-western edge of London (UK). I was eleven years old. Mid-morning change of classroom, with a necessary visit to “the offices”, when air-raid warning sounds: “Doodle-bug” en-route from the coast. All head towards the outside underground shelters (no running – to prevent falls or possible panic.) “Imminent-attack” warning sounds two minutes later as I was still in “the offices.” Quickly, I dressed and fled towards the nearest shelter among the school’s main corridor. Suddenly, a loud hail, “Boy, you are running!” I skidded to a stop. A prefect (16 year old senior boy) charged with clearing the school, had caught me “red-handed.” No denial, no repeal. Come to the prefects room after the “all clear is sounded.” I was given a “dressing-down” and ordered to write a composition of 100 lines. The title “Manner Maketh Man.” The name of the prefect was John Regaard (a refugee from Nazi-occupied Norway). I came to regard him rather differently, but I never forgot! What price, today’s “wimpification!”

Stephen Lamb

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