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Letter – Bike lane on Dallas

I am glad they are finally planning to build a separated bike lane along Dallas Road. When I moved here almost twelve years ago I was surprised that bikes had to use the road and had no path of their own. If the same setting had been anywhere else I have lived there certainly would have been a bike-path along the water. I often see people riding bikes on the walkway. They are probably from away and are just as surprised as I was back then that bikes must use the road.

Separated bike lanes on Dallas Road will be good for a number of reasons, not least that they will provide improved security for cyclists. When I ride eastward along Dallas Road I have to be very vigilant of cars backing out of parking spots or cars making abrupt left turns (often without signalling) to park. They often pass me going too quickly and too close for comfort. When I ride westward I have no choice but to take the middle of the road because of all the parked cars on the north side of the street (getting doored is no fun). I can feel the impatience in the cars behind me. They often take risks to get around me even when I am riding close to the speed limit.

Some parking stalls will be eliminated, but that will be more than compensated by people who will feel comfortable riding bikes to our waterfront. And when they stop to admire the view, or have lunch, they won’t take up much space. Ten bikes can park in the space taken by one car. Parked cars are unsightly and detract from the beautiful setting.

If more people ride bikes along Dallas road – as I’m confident they will – there will be less congestion, less noise, and less pollution. Our oceanside will be less dominated by motorized vehicles. Is not a cleaner environment the direction we should be heading?
Ed Janicki

Letter - Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society Extends Thank You

I write on behalf of the Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society to thank you for mentioning this evening’s event at Harrison Model Boat Pond.
Many of our visitors mentioned that they learned of this event through your publication. We appreciate your support and look forward to a continuing relationship with the James Bay Beacon.
Rick Gonder

Letter – Clean up after yourself and your dog!

I have been walking my dog at Clover Point for five years. Today will be my last time! I park by the water dispenser and poop bag supply. Today I stepped in dog feces in front of the dispenser. We went toward Cook Street and took the path that gradually leads after about 200 yards to the beach. There, in the middle of the path was feces big enough to be human. I should mention either side of the path has feces about every ten yards the length of the path. People do not pick up on this path as: 1) They cannot be seen; or 2) They are talking on cell phones and don’t care what their dog does. It is simply disgusting! If I walk in the opposite direction, i.e. around the loop, I am picking up straws, Starbucks and Beacon Drive In cups, as well as various plastic objects. This is a spot where people come to enjoy one of the finest views in the World! However they tend to sit in their cars and watch the rubbish in front of them. I have had enough and will henceforth go to Gonzales Beach (where people pick up their dog poop and garbage). (Beacon Hill Park along Dallas Road can be just as bad as Clover Point).

Letter – In Response to Letter Re: So Called Active Transportation Network

Please find this letter in reference to another letter to you in the December 2018 edition. It is titled, ‘So Called Active Transportation Network’. I’m sad and disappointed that Ms Kully is so negative about the planned cycling lanes on Dallas Road. Clearly she is not a cyclist given her negative impression and some misrepresentation, I might add, about this wonderful addition to our transportation alternatives. I love the idea, and contrary to what Ms Kully states, Dallas Road is a main thoroughfare for cyclists every day of the week. Personally I love the idea of horse trolleys, carriages, pedicabs, bicycles, and double decker buses mixing it up on Dallas. It is uniquely and wonderfully Victoria and yes, I have heard several cruise ship passengers and other tourists comment on this. How about how cycling is being used in the fight against global warming? How about how cycling aids in one’s cardiovascular fitness. How about it, Ms Kully? How about hopping on your bike and taking it on as a challenge instead of complaining? Cheers and happy cycling
Jim Parker

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