Poem: The Sea

by Henri van Bentum

The Sea - Henri van Bentum

The Sea - Henri van Bentum

The sea is not always picture-postcard blue and calm,
like those glossy brochures want us to believe.
Severe winds and high seas combined
unleash elemental furies.

The sea can be ferocious and lethal.
Only the wandering Albatross
surmounts the storms,
soaring over the waves without rest
circumnavigating the globe,
gliding over the ocean.

We’ll never master it,
or be able to predict
its capricious temperament.

Best we can do is to master ourselves,
if we want a fighting chance at survival.

The sea isn’t always romantic and idyllic.
It is deceptive, has tantrums,
Telling us who is boss.

During my countless sailings
over eight decades
these furies of the seas
have been experienced
half a dozen times,
a small percentage
but vividly memorable.

Always be prepared
both mentally and physically,
with life jackets and lifeboat at hand.
Remember, wind and sea combined
can be fatal.

But venture forth,
enjoy the mysterious seas,
the sunrises, the sunsets,
sailing, motoring or aboard ship.

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