Poem: Still At Sea

Hey Ho, Captain Tom
ring the bell and toot the horn
Our little ship with midship perch
that looks to the stern, looks to the bow
dramatic décor of lion’s roar
while motor whispers kitten’s purr.
We are going to sea today
a hi and a bye and we cast away.

Captain Tom steers round and about
planes and barges, kayaks and yachts
Coho trippers on holiday high
sharing a floral fantasy
with rickshaws pedicabs nags and hacks
A cityscape reflects in the harbour.
In the sky, hazy Olympics, hover.
Ceaseless clicks from cell phone trippers.

Beneath the Blue Bridge and up the Gorge
Captain Tom slips in with the tide
to a clanging banging hard work shore
a world of jobs and homes, side by side
along this ancient waterway
striving for a good life without fanfare
ordinary folk being best they be
leaving trippers bemused, at sea.

By Bob T

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