Letters to the Editor

Letter – Clarity for Seniors’ Driving Tests Needed

This is the second year I have had to go through this, and I feel it’s time to speak up and try to do something about it.

I will be 82 this May and to keep my drivers license valid I have to again have another medical form (with a possible cognitive test) and signed by my doctor who charges $250.00 for signing it, or a walk in clinic who will charge you $125.00. Not only that but after doing so and completed with signatures and faxed in, I have to wait around and see if I am ordered to go for a road test at my expense as well. I assume that the ones who are notified are chosen at random. Then we have to wait some more to see if I am approved to have my license validated once again. If everything is not approved then they cancel your license and then in a certain amount of time given I would have to repeat and go through all the expense of medical costs and perhaps another road test again. Parts of the test are cognitive and consists of having five-six words given to you then at the completion of the test (which could take anywhere from a half to one hour) and then asked to repeat these words only backwards. I can guarantee that some 25-40 year olds cannot complete this successfully. And how in Heavens name does this affect ones driving?

This seems like a scam and for seniors is so degrading, humiliating, unfair, costly and not to mention very stressful. I have been driving since I was 17 years old with not one drivers violation EVER not even so much as a parking ticket. I am still out in the working force and am very active. I am not senile nor do I have any visual, hearing, mental or memory problems. I am in good health. I feel this is so atrocious and unfair to have seniors treated this way and it has to STOP NOW!

Lee T

Letter – Weather Report

April 25 at 7:20 am the skies were clear, blue over James Bay. From my vantage point at 7:20 I noticed a jet overhead and a trail from Clover Point north. A second trail from Gonzales Bay paralleled the first. In about ten minutes, trails expanded with a wind from the east. Then, they spread out, forming a haze over a section of the sky. A third trail widened and a fourth toward Ogden Point. Now the sky was no longer clear. The haze was uniform over James Bay! I closed my windows to avoid this engineered spraying. The weatherman reported on the news ‘it was a hazy day today.’

These trails are related to a geo-engineering weather modification program that has been going on for a long time. Controlling the weather is the goal, with very adverse effects to our health, climate and environment from the chemicals and systems operating above us.

A ‘Weather Modification Agreement between Canada and the U.S. relating to exchange of information on activities’ was signed by Jeanne Sauvé and the U.S. in March 1975. (Doc-E103819-CTS 1975 No. 11).

For more information: History of Weather Modification.com, and documentary “Frankenskies” on the internet.

Please contact Environment Minister George Heyman MLA, Health Minister Adrian Dix, and Federal Minister MacKenna and demand more information and accountability for these unlawful activities! Chemtrails indeed!

Sue Hiscocks

Letter – I’m a Pedestrian and I’m OK

In light of the recent high price of gasoline, my friends say l'm lucky not owning a car. It's not the high price of gas that prevents me owning a car but the fact that the number of people killed worldwide each day is horrific. Killed by cars 3500. Killed by pedestrians ZERO. Therefore with peace of mind l gladly put one foot in front of the other cause I'm a PEDESTRIAN and l'm O.K.

Eric Stopps

Poem: The COOL Cat

Poem: The COOL Cat

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