Poem: The Red Camellias

“I touch a rose and see your beautiful face,
In the hibiscus and camellias, it’s there too.”

·         Joe Wilson

In the flower
Garden – at Rose Manor –
The red camellias bloom
And speak of love;
Shout out their scarlet
Passions to every passerby. 

To young lovers
Their prescience
Spells the ecstasy
Of impassioned embraces
Not-yet fulfilled. 

To old men,
They hold the haunting
Memories of withered dreams
And limbs that once thrilled
To warm caresses. 

And yet, I will gather up
The red camellias,
And I will gather up old dreams
Of long forgotten kisses
Now grown cold with age,
And I will remember a girl
To whom I once made love,
When red camellias bloomed.  

Brian McGregor-Foxcroft

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