Poem: This Creature Lad

Sitting so snug in my creature chair
            I gaze beyond my windows – seeing and sensing the wealth of nature
            Before my eyes. Witnessing the trees, flowers and a solitary butterfly
            Like ocean waves sweep onto my consciousness
            Capturing brief thoughts of my journey, life lived.

Memories rush in like exploding stars, reflect upon my Being’s stance
            Always vivid, mostly fine
            Its really whom I’ve become!

Like phases in a moment in time
            Oh what passions I recall
            Those of lassies, intertwined expressing depths of emotion
            Without thought or planning
            I become this “Creature Lad”

The years collapse beyond me
            Falling like once were standing dominoes
            In reflecting I wonder what purpose, if any, graced my Being

Each recall, like a history lesson, features events & folks galore!
            So what I find myself declare
            Names like Alastair or Monty identifying my scope within & without.

The amazing scenes of and in which I found myself
            Like a dancer performing known steps as I raced through time and space
            Performing intricate designs – this “Creature Lad”

Oh what imprints my life has touched upon the “wee” sections of this planet
            I’ve lived whatever their meaning within and without
            I gasp in amazement all that I have been and done

                        This “Creature Lad”

            By Alastair Mont

JBNA: Citizens’ Assembly

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