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Victoria Health Cooperative

By Vanessa Hammond

Which would you prefer - to have your best possible physical, mental, emotional and social wellness, or wait until you find yourself focusing on illness and injury? At the Victoria Health Co-op we have, from the start, worked at trying to achieve wellness. It has been a challenge, but we want to let you know about the progress we are making, and ask for your advice.

We are continuing in very encouraging discussions with the Cook St Village Activity Centre (CSVAC) about space. Our hope is to provide exam and treatment rooms for our Nurse Practitioner, rooms for the range of different treatments, by a wide range of qualified Wellness Practitioners. The Nurse Practitioner services are covered through your Medical Services Plan and are not restricted to members of the Health Co-op. Please let us know if you want to be on the list of potential patients. Services of some of the Wellness Practitioners are covered under some insurance plans. We will be offering a unique, affordable, person-centered medical record AND wellness action plan.

We will also have space at both CSVAC and at Centennial United Church (CUC) for Wellness Programs.

We are continuing to organize Co-op Cafes. In March 2019, Civic Leaders from the municipal, provincial and federal levels told us about their upcoming priorities and co-operatives from the environmental, housing, health, financial, transportation and seniors sectors explained how they responded to such needs. This led to many energetic, constructive, enthusiastic conversations.

Please help us to move ahead on our plans and activities. Please tell us if:

1. You would like to be on the list of potential patients for the Nurse Practitioner.

2. You want to understand the Scope of Practice of a Nurse Practitioner and would participate in a presentation at CSVAC or CUC. You can get a good start at

3. You would like to receive treatments from a range of Wellness Practitioners at the CSVAC. Which of these, and which of our other many practitioners could be of interest? Osteopathy, therapeutic meals, Trager® bodywork, Alexander Technique, Cranio Sacral treatment. Would you like to come to an information session regarding the services of our Wellness Practitioners? We hope to have a full list on our website, in the near future.

4. Will you come to the next “Civic Leaders and Co-ops” session to hear about how Civic Leaders and Co-ops in many sectors work together for the benefit of the community? 6.30 – 8pm Wed May 15 at the CSVAC?

5. We must continue to raise funds to purchase furniture and equipment for the Exam Rooms, and Wellness Treatment Rooms. Donors can receive a charitable donation receipt for gifts of over $20 to the Creating Community Wellness Society (same address as the VHC or click the “button” on How can we encourage people to donate? Would you help us with fund-raising?

6. Would you like to know more about having complete access to your health record (medical record AND wellness action plan) and about developing your long-term wellness circle plan through the Victoria Health Co-op? As a Health Co-op member, you will have ease of access to sign up for this low-cost, but highly-valuable service.

7. Would you be interested in joining our Wellness Practitioner team, helping with office work, updating the website, fund raising, planning events, joining the membership of the Society or the Board of the Co-op? Did I mention that the Society is looking for a Treasurer? All of these are part-time, and we are a nice group of people to work with!

You can pick up a copy of these questions at the Cook St Village Activity Centre, Unit 1, 380 Cook St, V8V 3X7 or Centennial United Church 612 David St at Gorge Rd.

We can be reached at or 250.415.9272.

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