Letters to the Editor

Letter – Slow Down You’re Going Too Fast

I am reaching out once again to ask that the issue of speeding taxis in our neighbourhood please be addressed as the cruise ship season is upon us.

As I was walking my dog around the neighbourhood and along Montreal Street, we began greeting the friendly visitors walking downtown from their cruise ships at Ogden Point. So many of them stopped to pat my pup, and as we exchanged greetings, I would excuse myself to wave and yell at the speeding taxis and cars to please slow down. Repeatedly I wave my arms and ask taxis to slow down in the 30 km/hr speed zone. Several taxis would pass around the pedicabs…driving fast.

As I usually do, I called one taxi company to respectfully request that they put a call out to their drivers and ask that they please slow down on our streets. The dispatcher was argumentative and asked if I was a police officer and if I knew the cars were speeding. I shared with him that we were tracking the car numbers and asked that he just ask them to slow down. He continued to argue and raise his voice, so I ended the call. I support taxi drivers, but speeding in our neighbourhood is unsafe!

I happened to be driving behind a Victoria taxi cab earlier and the driver was going 50+ km/hr along the 30 km/hr zone, and I did not want to go that fast.

I was informed last year that the taxis were routed around our 30 km/hr streets to drive along Superior and Dallas. Did this change? If this isn’t the case, can there please be some agreement / understanding /commitment from the taxi companies to adhere to the speed limits when driving through our neighbourhood? I am willing to meet with whomever is willing to meet regarding this long-standing issue. I was informed last year that this issue was being addressed. I did not see that last night or tonight and hope that a solution is created for the safety of our residents - human and animal.

If not, can traffic calming solutions be considered along Montreal street?

Concerned James Bay Resident

Letter – Thank you to the team at Diamond Dogs Daycare

Thank you, Thank you to the wonderful team at Diamond Dogs Daycare in James Bay.

Their dedication and caring service in daycare and grooming for the past many years has been greatly appreciated by so many and they will be sadly missed.

In a perfect world, where small businesses could survive gentrification, they would continue their wonderful service!

Wishing them abundant joy and success in their next endeavour.

Scarlett, Mokie & Bella Burnham

Letters – Keep the Horses! Ban commercial traffic from Dallas Road!

A protest at Victoria City Hall this past week over city council’s proposal to end the presence of horse drawn carriages on Victoria’s streets has elicited a reversal of that proposal, for the immediate future. Concerns for the welfare of the horses, the problem they create for the flow of traffic, and the notion that horse drawn carriages are an unnecessary and an archaic form of local entertainment, crashed and burned after the protest last Thursday (May 23). I could talk about what such a move would mean for the ultimate fate of the horses, their owners being no longer able to financially keep them. But I won’t go there. Instead, I would like to point out that city council might spend its time more profitably by giving some attention to the noise and pollution caused by visiting cruise ships and the commercial traffic making its way down Dallas Road every day and night. The streets of James Bay were not designed for some of the heavy vehicles now making their way through this community. I don’t hear any noise coming from city council about these concerns. Keep the horses! Banish the commercial traffic from Dallas Road and its adjoining streets.

Brian McGregor-Foxcroft

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs Honoured in James Bay Ceremony

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs Honoured in James Bay Ceremony

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