Poem: Chasing Rainbows in James Bay

It’s Saturday afternoon,

And Cheryl Ann and I are meeting

For tea in the James Bay Village.

The weather has been stormy for three

Days and nights, and dark rain

Clouds are forming over our heads.

Do you think it will rain?

She asks. Maybe we’ll see

A rainbow! There is enthusiasm

In her voice as she speaks. In my mind

I recall how she once posted

On Facebook, Thumbelina’s Love

Song, Soon. It starts to play in my head:

After the rain goes

There are rainbows …

There is expectation in her eyes.

In the coffee shop we sit, sip tea

And talk about life: old dreams,

Future dreams, and all the while she

Casts her eyes out of the window, and up

At the sky, watching for rain and rainbows.

Neither happens. She is losing hope.

But I imagine I can hear her humming softly:

After the rain goes

There are rainbows …

As if she is trying to invoke the rain to fall,

And a rainbow to form above our heads.

But there is no rain; there is

No rainbow. As we part to go

Our separate ways, she turns to me

And laments, No rain! No rainbow!

And I reply to her with a smile,

Cheryl Ann, you are the rainbow!

Brian McGregor-Foxcroft

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