Flying Taxis

 I would like to support my neighbour who has recently written to you regarding the speeding taxis. I live with my family at 200 Niagara St. We have two young children ages nine and two. Through the cruise season we are witnessing multiple daily speeding violations occurring primarily down Montreal St and Oswego St. Both these streets need at least one to two blocks of speed bumps to slow traffic down. It should not be up to us to keep calling taxi companies, chasing down drivers some of whom are rude and confrontational when asked to slow down, just to have any hope of road safety in our neighbourhood. We are paying high-enough property taxes, and I really want to see the city more involved in this matter. There was some talk recently about getting rid of the horse-drawn carriages in the years to come; I’d take any horse-drawn carriage over a taxi flying at twice the speed limit!

 Dr. Galina Smushkin

Memorial to Terry Fox – We Could Do Better!

 Thousands come from far away to visit the Memorial to Terry Fox in James Bay, Victoria. But once here, all they see is a bronze statue, standing alone on a clipped grass lawn. Except for a plaque on the statue’s back, there is no display or explanation of its importance, just this bronze memorial to a man who gave his life for his cause — cancer research.

We wonder why? We know the saga of Terry Fox. Fox is a national hero. The saga of his long run from St. John’s NFLD, to just outside Thunder Bay, ON, after bravely running 143 days has been told and re told, epitomizing the spirit of endurance for which he is known around the world.

Tour buses disgorge the thousands who come to see, take a photo, and walk away. Surely it could be a richer experience. Perhaps a well-designed display telling Terry Fox’s story in a beautiful setting with native trees and shrubs, and a bench for thinking it over. Victoria could do better.

 Jo Manning, Amica Douglas House. 

Summer School on Geoengineering Governance

A conference on ‘geoengineering’ took place August 5-11 in Banff, Alberta at the Banff Center. “As the severity of climate change risks become clear, geoengineering techniques (i.e. chemtrail spraying, weather modification) are increasingly both receiving attention and generating controversy. These technological responses appear to offer substantial risk – reduction opportunities, serious new risks, and novel and potentially severe governance challenges.

For years, chemtrails were dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories*’ and ‘vapor trails.’ Most planes no longer produce vapor trails, bypassing turbine engines. Two nozzles behind the engines dispense nano-particles such as aluminum, and barium to create ‘trails.’

In her book Chemtrails, HAARP* and the Full Spectrum Dominance, Elana Freeland states, “laid daily over all 28 NATO nations, chemtrails linger for hours, spreading out into cirrus contrailus cloud cover in the name of weather engineering and amelioration of ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change.’ Extreme weather, floods, droughts, snowstorms in hurricanes etc. is indeed due to HAARP and other ionospheric heaters around the globe blasting the ionosphere and ionizing our atmosphere with microwaves for various political, economic and biological agendas.’ Being able to manipulate weather as a weapon of war is a considerable global power chip. (p257)

It seems we need a Non-Partisan Inquiry by a coalition government to address effects of geoengineering, ozone depletion and global warming now. International regulations and oversight must be enacted immediately if we are to regain climate stability and survive! Cooperation is the key.

Sue Hiscocks

Wikipedia – more info: geo-engineeringwatch.org
www.weathermodificationhistory.com – doc “Frankenskies”
*HAARP – High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project

Stressed Out Citizen

 I just sent another traffic report as a stressed out citizen who would really like reprieve when walking in our neighbourhood - cruise ships arrive almost every night of the week (in the summer months) and regularly from May to October. I have attended community meetings, written letters, I have called taxi companies and asked them to ask the drivers to slow down in our 30 km zone residential neighbourhood. I try to walk down different streets so not be affected or worried when walking with my children and dog along the streets of Oswego, Simcoe, Niagara and Montreal. Sometimes, it isn’t possible.

Please, please, please can this issue be addressed?

This is the latest police report I have sent in (I am hoping to stop reporting when folks are driving within the speed limit). July 19 Sutlej taxi #101 (white) was speeding south on Montreal to the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal. I was walking our pup and was with neighbours who were also walking their five month old puppy. I shouted, "please slow down". The driver put his hand up and kept driving fast. I have been told that Sutlej taxi does not have a permit to go to Ogden point, so I am unclear of why this company still has drivers speeding in our neighbourhood? There was a Victoria taxi (Green) speeding also, but I did not get the number- too fast.

I wish I did not have to send these reports and hope for a solution to speeding taxis in our nieghbourhood.

 James Bay resident

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